An Errand For Fools

Is not necessarily a fool’s errand, if it works in your favor. Let’s say a certain industry will not allow one to succeed without a certain stamp on one’s forehead. This hypothetical person could pass a test while sleeping but no….. an expensive week-long ritual must be undertaken and then the test.

Let’s say said individual was committed to designing and building traditional log homes and s/he was forced to spend savings on a course on steel frame construction. It would be a waste of time and money.

I believe in people and lifting them up to be the best that they can be, with commitment to a cause they believe in, to work and colleagues. As a consultant, after an event we’d have a session with all staff. It was not bads and goods, it was Goods and Betters. What can we do better next time?

Can you guess? I was the go-between, the problem-solver that no-one ever noticed.

There is another mechanism like king and castle vs. his “people” where taxes are levied and increased by rule willy-nilly and livestock taken and hunting denied on the king’s land so that his people starve and in the beginning of his end, revolt.

I think there is no question that this consultant would choose to empower and support her people. Goods and betters. I was not an event consultant but had to do it from time to time. No name tags or beverages? I was on it, even without my clients’ knowledge. The items just showed up. It wasn’t our fault, it was the venue’s but in that case communication was the issue as to who would provide what, so there was fault on both sides. Go to Betters!

I led volunteers and would go to the nearest, best store alone after we set up and buy juice and a muffin before we started. They’d ask what we were doing and would show up a half hour later with a ton of free food and water for my fellow volunteers. Lift up, do not drag down. Volunteers are spending an entire day in intense heat and stress. The least I can do is help them out. Thanks to our benefactors, Dee


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