No, that is not her name. She’s a pup I had for a long weekend and will have again for a day or so. She did a number on my right arm last time but now is no longer teething!

Sweet dog, wants to be “by” all the time but I call her “ghost dog.” She can be sound asleep alongside me and I don’t want to get up. I do to get ice for a glass of water and it’s like Emilio Lopez in the 2002 re-make of Mr. Deeds. He was played by the talented and very funny John Turturro.

She is sitting there by the freezer. Another time I go to the guest bath. There she is, sitting by the toilet. I go to sit on the sofa and she’s underneath me waiting for me to sit down. Turturro would have Deeds on the elevator to his quarters and take the stairs and meet him at the elevator doors, not out of breath at all. Surprise! Ghost pup!

My husband was home that weekend and he said I was “it.” I was the thing she wanted to be close to in more ways than one because she was missing her folks. She is going to grow up to be a very good dog, but like our old Zoe, as my brother said nearly 14 years ago, needy. She is very lucky to have good, caring parents. I like Em and my old blind dog friend, many others and those who’ve passed over the years. Our Zoe is going blind and deaf. I do like meeting the young ones in the neighborhood. Stay! Dee


2 responses to “Emily/Emilio

  1. You can skip the H202, metholate, alcohol, etc. Soap and water won’t kill the new skin cells your body is making to heal the wound. Betadine helps dry up a blister but otherwise is not needed. Antibiotic ointment is not a bad idea. Keeping it dry and keeping bacteria out to help it heal faster is a good idea.
    Wish my hubby would sharpen some knives for me. Maybe not the paring knives.

  2. He fixed me up today, after haranguing me for days. It’s looking good and we used the doctor’s solution of a double antibiotic (bacitracin) rather than a triple. In two days I may have no problems at all. It feels great. Let me know when I can go to a butcher and get J a new boning knife! Don’t worry, I never used his old one and will never use his new one!

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