There is nothing that makes my dog more happy than seeing the kids across the way. They visit town probably twice a year and she has known them for over five years.

When they were little they used to stand outside then whisper, louder, say and then shout her name until she ran to the front door. Grandma didn’t know. Now they’re older and playing all kinds of sports but older brother gave me a big hug yesterday and younger sister took her leash this morning, with Grandma’s OK, to walk around the block with Zoe and me.

I picked up the poop and sealed the bag. She then pointed out another set of poop from another dog and asked me to pick that up as well. We disposed of both appropriately. Good kids, who will be responsible dog owners when the time comes, partially due to time spent with our old dog Zoe. Cheers to responsible pet ownership! Dee


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