Hope and Despair

There is a fine line. I believe there is hope in my husband’s future as he is very bright and deserves it. He has written a book I’ve not read yet because I’m waiting until he asks me to do so.

As to despair I miss Dad calling me every weekend and saying Hi, Dee! I could tell how his health was by the sound of his voice or when he could not call. I keep up two flowers and greens on my desk every week with a florist card just saying “Miss you, Dad!”

Today they’re really interesting Mums, one white, one yellow. I’ve other flowers around for my small family so I do care for the living.

I must go. I would rather hope or joy but not despair may be in the making. Dee


One response to “Hope and Despair

  1. Gerberas one red, one white, a few greens on my desk and that’s it.

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