We grow up with things from “onesies” to Baby Janes to nightgowns. Now I choose my own. Nightgowns just twisted me up, especially everything knee-length or further. It didn’t matter even if it was pure silk.

Then I started pajamas. No way.

Now I wear silk long johns with an extra large tee shirt, either from FIDO (Fiesta Island Dog Owners, trying to save their legal dog leash free area from commercial development), or a really cool local guitar store. It is very comfortable and I rarely need the comforter.

Years ago when I asked my chiropractor how I should use this pillow to sleep on my stomach, he said, ahem, you cannot sleep on your stomach any more and have your neck straight. I learned to adjust the pillow moving side to side and on my back for a short period of time on a flat bed. In my sleep.

Moving side to side tends to twist up anything loose. Now, in the summer it’s usually shorts and a short top or basic stretch camisole, or the long tee and silk long johns.

If it’s the latter I can just throw on a coat before the sun comes up and take the dog out early morning, feed her and lift her back up on the bed.

There are two things, besides her “pack” made up of my husband and me: eating; and sleeping. I don’t know that Zoe would gain any world records on sleeping or eating but may get one on intensity of the endeavor. She is now sleeping at my feet, under my desk. I’m up at 3 a.m. and she sleeps ’til six. She gets extra points for crawling under the bed to keep from morning light (the shades are down) and get her beauty sleep.

Zoe just wears her fur coat to bed. When one is long-married there is a compromise between being hot under a down comforter or cold atop it. WinterSilks online for silk long underwear, any festival you attend with booths with zesty oversized or crop top t-shirts and you’re ready to sleep. Here’s to FIDO, Dee


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