Yes, I know it. My husband, father, brother and I all do it in our sleep. That’s what awakens me at 3:00 a.m., with ideas. I cannot let these ideas go to waste so write and some actually come to fruition.

My husband and I have different ideas but similar ideals. He is home writing a book and tries to cook and do dishes and makes a mess everywhere so I follow him and pick up the messes while thinking I could have cooked in 1/10th the time and everything would still be clean! I don’t even start to do physics or coding. I was lucky to get out of college math. Religion was tougher but I stood through both.

He and I chart the same course and get there by differing ways, his is scientific and mine artistic which is probably why we met, and married nearly 15 years ago. My father was a genius, with people. Don’t get me started. Dr. B got his doctorate decades ago. Mom had the math smarts that went directly to my brother. I am the bleeding heart who saves puppies and kittens. Not that way, we have one dog nearly 14 years old who we adopted from a shelter at six weeks of age. I added formulas to the impressive written regimen documented by the foremost feral cat spay/neuter “operation” in the country. That is what I do, legislation, volunteer lobbying for legal leash-free areas and any business-related paperwork my husband needs. I also do taxes et al. Our taxes.

I also buy the dog educational games, the first of which I’ve given away twice. She solved it in four minutes the first time, then down to 45 seconds. A year or so ago I got her a new game that took her 14 minutes to solve as every piece involves two brain segments, moving and removing, in order to get the treat. She only played it once, at least six months ago. We’ll have to try it again. People think I’m nuts for buying doggie education games but if it keeps her brain active and young despite her age, I’m all for it.

What? You got Mom-opoly for dogs? I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Well, Zoe knows about it. And once you show a herder something, once, it is “routine.” That is our life in a nutshell. Like putting her in the back seat of our car and driving my husband to work. She would watch him crossing the street to his workplace across from the bus station. Zoe would jump up from the back and take over the passenger seat like a person, and everyone at the bus station would laugh out loud. “Look, she thinks she’s a person!”

She was, and is, that person we love so much. Cheers! Dee







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