Weekend “Worst Things”

I would rather turn out 32 rescued Greyhounds weekly to respective pens on Sunday, from the worst track imaginable, feed and medicate them. I would rather spend nine hours one Saturday per month spaying and neutering 200 feral cats…..

than clean the frig. My husband and I did it yesterday. He got rid of the trash, I cleaned shelves and drawers and ran an extra dishwasher load of some of my favorite dishes. Some of them are stored up high so he’ll help me with that for one minute today.

Yes, I had science projects. Even if I still had the microscope “Santa” gave me in grade school I wouldn’t recognize the mold.

Now I have to do the freezer by myself. There’s a large drawer that has to be pulled out to clean beneath as the ice maker spits ice all the time and one marinade did not freeze and exploded. Stealth and quickness in keeping frozen things frozen. Our dog would be very upset if her 6 pounds of frozen raw food stuck together because it melted. I would be, as well, because I’d have to use a cleaver to pry it apart.

Ah, married life. You can tell that I cook and do dishes because when we were here four years, the kitchen sink nearly fell below. It’s an under-mount sink so they had to prop and glue it back in. I believe we got take-out that evening waiting for it to cure, and cereal in the morning. Sandwiches for lunch. No-one here ever cooks, but me.

I love cooking for us, family and guests and now we have nearly a blank canvas, frig-wise. I did find this awful organic peanut butter that I could never use for our dog’s “Kongs” (which we freeze when we go out) because it had to be stirred, how I do not wish to know. The oil was on top and had to be mixed in. It’s a dog. I’ll buy her favorite peanut butter and not from the organic store. It’s only a teaspoon per Kong.

My husband started on the frig without me and we worked together well. It took an hour but we got it done. After 1:00 Sunday we missed events in town. He got sandwiches and I took a nap. Now that’s marriage. Cheers! Dee



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