Sinistre e una Destra

I am left-handed. The left is considered sinister, the right dextrous. Which means the “right” hand as opposed to the bad one.

My father was left-handed. He was reprimanded for being so and forced/taught to be right-handed.

Two of his four children are lefties, including his first, me. I write left hook. No way I can do calligraphy running my hand through the text. Dad learned to be ambidextrous in many things.

I did as well. Golf, well I don’t golf but did a bit of learning and learned that all the action of a right-handed golfer comes from the left arm and swing. Violin. No leftie violin or guitar. The music comes from the left. Softball, I was ambidextrous as a hitter, leftie as a pitcher.

With knives, cooking, I’m a leftie. Most “leftie” cooking equipment sold is useless but flipper, a fish flipper my husband bought me online is leftie and works wonderfully. If I need a Japanese sushi knife (I do not) it only has a blade on one side and they are made for righties. I’d have to special order.

I’ve not played for years but tennis, I’m a leftie, beginner but always had a savage backhand that killed righties. I don’t remember if Dad played tennis rightie. I did beat my brother, who I love dearly, with that backhand. It just hit the corner at an angle that no-one could get.

I am wondering if Leonardo da Vinci was a leftie. Many implements we live with every day, including kitchen peelers, are designed for righties but really suited for lefties. There aren’t that many of us around, but we deserve consideration. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Sinistre e una Destra

  1. Ten percent, worldwide. Sometimes considered in utero or birth problems. Put up for genius, lefties needed speed with cave people. According to science we are collaborators. We’ll see. Any lefties out there?

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