and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. He has a robe of many colors, his favorite in the world. He has gotten tomato sauce and other food on it, I’ve washed it many times including today.

I washed it cold and hung it up to dry. It will take me two days to decide next steps on stain removal. I washed it with a shirt of mine that was blood-stained by a teething pup. Now, every time she sees me she does the “happy pee” always on the floor but usually also on my pants and socks and shoes. Our laundry room has been busy.

I think of what thought M gave to that robe my husband loves so much. His mother hand-designed and made it big enough, with long sleeves and a vent in the back so he could move his arms to learn to make pancakes (he did) and it is a beautiful robe. It is his favorite thing, when it is cool, to wear around the house. When it’s hot he just wears underwear and a tee-shirt. Then when someone knocks on the door, the robe comes on.

My crummy French professor down south would have called this Dee-ville. Yes it is, the world where we can take care of the Dream Coat, the Mom who made it and the man who wears it. Cheers! Dee



One response to “Joseph

  1. Another Joseph is our nephew. He doesn’t have a technicolor dream coat as yet and neither Grandpa J;s or my husband’s will fit him ’til he’s 50. Perhaps Grandma M should hold off a bit, at least until he goes off to college.

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