Yours? Ours!

I just met people from a furniture rental company who commandeered, legally, one of our two elevators. They then lectured me about using the second one, saying they needed that as well. I and my husband and our little old dog live many floors up and cannot use the stairs as I’ve arthritis and our dog has no hips.

They screamed at me saying both elevators were theirs. That is not the truth, which will come out. What they are trying to do is against rules, laws and fire code. I know, I administered New York State and City fire codes.

I do not care how quickly they wish to deliver and be paid for sofas and chairs and beds, I care that my dog went out for a quick walk and I am not supposed to climb many flights of stairs to get home.

I did register a complaint. These delivery people said nasty things about me and commandeered both elevators that bring me home. They are breaking the fire and building laws for their own convenience and that is not acceptable with what we pay to live here. That’s it for now. Hasta la vista, baby, I’ll be back! Dee


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