1,000 Posts

My husband created this blog. I told him I was deathly afraid of writing it until I met a fellow blogger in the northwest who started the same week as me. We were both voted up by readers so got in touch and I’ve read her blog as her children have grown up and her business has flourished. She is pdxknitterati. We have not yet met in person. She made me feel ok about writing, and in taking up guitar.

I now have over 3,000 posts. The first entry I wrote was about how to eat a Concord grape. It’s among my highest viewer category, as is the Church of Soap, Santa Maria Novella, on a side street in Florence IT you will never find. My husband called it that because it was a holy place and now they still have a chemist and gorgeous soaps. I think we spent $200 on soap ten years ago for work and dog walker gifts.

Never stop writing, even if there is a small audience. Next is a non-bucket list. Cheers! Dee



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