That’s Planning II, correct? My husband said he was glad to have an entire week with me and our old dog Zoe. He sleeps most of the time and works the rest. He does take a bit of time out to eat and to walk the dog, but all the time he is with the dog he is talking on the phone. She’s on a 16′ leash with him (never for me) so eats icky stuff.

At home he is on his headphones, on his laptop, or cell phone. “I enjoy spending time with you, dear.”  He prefers electronics.

So I made a list and emailed it to him. Breakfasts, dinners, sights to see. He offered me Europe and I said no. I need to plan that for us, where we want to go, what we wish to see and what we’ll do with the dog.  Of course, what kind of food we will eat……

He doesn’t know that most travelers do not schedule a three-day weekend in Europe for vacation due to travel time and jet lag. Then again he’s been sent to India for work. Two days travel each way, four days at work and he flew home to work, not to us, because the trip was shorter that way. I understand. No, I think it was abuse on the client’s part as my husband is very tall and said client said everyone flies coach, even after longer than an eight-hour flight.

I’m letting him sleep as much as he needs to do the transition. He’ll also be doing an opposite time change so when he visits weekends we can make sleep and meals work and ease into a new schedule.

Today I’m making chili, Pedernales Chili or my riff on Lady Bird Johnson’s 1962 recipe from near Austin TX. They served 5,000 including JFK that day. The recipe is on the LBJ Library’s website. That recipe was the most requested document from the White House until JFK was assassinated.

He gave me back the list of what he wanted to eat before going back to restaurant food. He also chose a museum to visit today. I took Zoe out before seven, then fed her. We’ll take her out before we leave. Oh, he decided to make fluffy pancakes yesterday. Goo (egg glue) all over. And the egg whites never puffed in the stand mixer because he doesn’t know how to crack and separate an egg properly. No yolks in the whites!

I love him and that he wants to use every machine in my kitchen. Yes, my kitchen, we made egg pasta with my hand-cranked pasta machine one day last year. That was less messy than the pancakes! Cheers and happy cooking, Dee


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