We don’t do enough of it. My husband will be around for a few days, not just a two-day weekend, and we don’t know what we are doing or if he will have a job next month.

A kind woman who works here changed her entire work schedule to be able to spend weekends with her family, including two young boys age six and four. They planned an entire weekend with favorite animated films, food and bedtimes.

She told me yesterday that they planned to awaken at 5:30 this morning for breakfast and a quick film before school. She’s young enough to be my daughter, but if I come back one day, she’d make a great mom.

I gave her the concise OED, two volumes with teeny print and a Bausch and Lomb magnifying glass and box, 1971 Edition, published in 1973. She said she was glad her boys had a dictionary so they wouldn’t need to Google everything for school. Her older son has a steel trap of a mind, met me and my dog for five minutes at the fourth birthday party for the younger son, to which we were invited.

He drew a crayon sketch of our Zoe, and Ms. D that is up on our frig for all to see. Well, it’s more flattering of Zoe than of me. I called my barber that minute and got an appointment as I am shown with a purple scrunchie atop my head! He said, OK, so you don’t need a haircut. Yes! A six year-old just did a caricature of me and I need a haircut!

Cheers, raise smart, good kids. Also smart, good dogs. Not everyone needs a herding dog, like our Aussie mix, but after 13 years of being herded, one gets used to it. Let’s see what my husband does with her in a week, perhaps toss her in the Lake? If he does, she’ll be OK as she dove into a caretaker’s pool at nine weeks of age and they pulled her out after she swam across – it was February. We hope to have guests next week and are planning on it already. The leaves are starting to come out on the trees. It may be Spring! Cheers! Dee


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