Insurance. Fraud.

I have insurance. Lots of it, for everything but Dad’s precious paintings they want appraised before they’ll insure.

Of late (and I get up early/late) there are ads to take DNA tests for ancestry. I do not know what the privacy policies are but I just saw one around ten p.m. that promised health analyses and kidney and other functions. They must sell this information or be hired by insurers.

If this is a way to deny deserving people health care, our government should be ashamed. I paid $1,200 per month for health care on time every month last year with a company that denied ER, consultation, surgery, biopsy of my tumor and final follow-up visit. $15K. I’ve been fighting them since the first denial that said since only my head was spurting blood it was not a danger to life or limb. I wrote back that if my head was gone my limbs would not be of much use. I had an 8×8 mm tumor.

Luckily I am able to say it was benign but I may have more. Needless to say at the changing point we opted for new health insurance and I am pursuing legal action against the company. Now I just call it Inhumane. Guess the company. When I go on Medicare I will  never choose them as no matter what you pay in, nothing ever comes out. OK, it does but only in the form of employee bonuses for denying every claim that comes in.

I may have another eye tumor and am afraid of doctors a bit, but mostly hospitals and insurance companies. Thanks, for reading and listening and keeping in touch. Dee


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