I now know why I won’t move back to California, only visit my husband in Silicon Valley.

Today, as a retired consultant, I was told that I might be considered for a job if I’ll take a typing test. Yes, a typing test.

Pre-computer age I was told never to say I could type looking for a job because I’d become a typist and nothing more. At high school graduation my English teacher Aunt gave me her first, the first, portable electric Smith-Corona typewriter and I was the envy in the dorms. Gals would line up. It was the heaviest “laptop” I’ve ever carried in the case. Now this 1957 beauty as in first edition, goes for six dollars on E-Bay. I still carry it around the country because it helped me educate myself and tell me I could write. My Aunt wanted me to have it, she believes in me to this day.

At my age I will not take a typing test to get a low-paying job. I am a college graduate. Yes, my MacBook is old and I’m getting a new one but will keep the old ICE, like I’ve my husband’s name ICE on my new iPhone, In Case of Emergency. I like taking care of things that serve me well. Thank you, reader, for being here. Hope all is well with you. Cheers! Dee


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