Nom de Plume

Facebook or a company trying to pretend to be it, has been texting me for months to tell me that people I may know or have never heard of want me to be in touch.

I am on Facebook. I do not make use of it. The first person who asked to be my friend was an HR person at a former employer who sent us across the country for a couple of months then refused to pay the bills. She told me what she ate every day, when she eliminated, visited her cousin, everything I never wanted to hear. She would not stop so I quit Facebook. I got back on a while later then quit again. It’s difficult to quit Facebook, they make it so.

Now, I get twice-weekly or even more often texts on my phone (I do not text) saying to text this number so this stranger or former friend can be in touch. No. I do not respond. I do not use Facebook. It is intrusive.

The funny thing is that I’ve a nom de plume, a pseudonym that they started using in their text today. Apparently they’ve run out of fake friends (even dead people) they’ve chosen for me so have started texting a fake person. Serves them right. Sometimes I make good decisions for the right reasons.

No-one takes control of my privacy or my life. Hear that, Facebook? Cheers from Dee and hug your loved ones. Play ball in the yard or a board game instead of being on the computer all day. Dee


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