I Don’t Tweet,

Don’t Ask Me…. (think Fred Astaire)

I was confused when the nation chose the current president. And we pay him, right?

He is hired to uphold the nation and take care of the need of its’ residents.

I’m a retired citizen and lifelong resident of the US of A. Why is our president sending out tweets to Nordstrom to carry his daughter’s line of clothing in their stores? It sounds like he is serving one person, not our nation.

Carry my daughter’s clothes at Nordstrom, or else. OK let’s go deport some Mexicans. Tell NBC that SNL is a horrible program because they had Alec Baldwin make fun of you.

Our president is arrogant and thin-skinned. To tweet constantly tells us he’s not minding the store, but using Twitter to gush personal vitriol while we pay him to mind a store that is much bigger that Nordstrom and contains hundreds of millions more voters than his daughter.

Imagine Donald Trump visiting a foreign country. If he got a hangnail there, would he tweet our troops to war against said country? Where’s Dick Cheney when we need him…. someone has to rein him in to concentrate on important matters of state, other than a Mexican fence, deportations and evisceration of personal privacy. ‘Nuff said. Dee


One response to “I Don’t Tweet,

  1. It’s dang cold here today. The lake wants to freeze. My family is in this storm’s way but it’s too early to call and make sure they’re OK. NYC shut down its schools. Hopefully my dear Aunt doesn’t have a doctor’s appointment in a blizzard with “thunder snow.” As it’s early I blog, I don’t tweet, then prioritize my day and get things done. And the American people don’t pay me for anything, the government just makes me pay federal taxes and full taxes in the state my husband works in, and the state in which we have a primary residence where he doesn’t earn a nickel.

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