We Have Light

I’ve only gotten a tabletop tree for the past few years, to use our ornaments. Much is missing including tree lights and many ornaments that must be in storage.

My husband has always been here to bring home the small tree. This year I lost the lights so got two clamps and spotlights from above and below. He is away at work so wants to make sure I’m not burning the place down!

We’ve some cool items. A Texas snowman with a lasso. White deer in an apron, standing with a tray of cookies. Santa in a Scottish kilt with bagpipes and his other as a thistle, the national flower of Scotland, for our cherished time there.

I’ve a copper pot and a whisk from the old days, and tagboard ornaments kids gave to me after a holiday play I coordinated as a fund-raiser years ago. There are two wooden planes from a nearby air museum, and the two wooden stockings I bought us two months after we met.

There is a recycled glass star from the eco-center down our old street, and a mitten from there, handmade for the dog, that I’m missing. The dog Zoe does have a few ornaments and we also have a fake teeny mouse in bed under a blanket in a half walnut shell from a dear elderly friend for which mice ornaments are a passion.

I did it all myself. Even the lighting solutions. Husband said to go buy lights. No, I’m not taking 100 ornaments off now. I already had to clean up enough pine needles for one day.

Leaving Wednesday for Thanksgiving, I look forward to seeing family. When my dog and husband return we will have a few days with which to look forward to sharing time and meals and walks together. Perhaps even a Star Wars marathon! He saw this when he was a kid, it took meeting him to introduce me. I like it, but he knows every line and the differences between original and remake.

I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. I know it’s all about tradition but I try to do something new every once in a while. Have a happy! Dee




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