She’s Gone

Not in a bad way. I delivered her bed, food and things to the kind lady who is taking care of Zoe this weekend. Her new bud PeJo met her at the door.

After we loaded Zoe’s bag and bed into her car I walked her 10′ from the front door and wanted to say goodbye. I fluffed her fur and gave her a kiss on her forehead and she was like a little kid going to school, albeit an elderly one.

“Mom, bye, see ya in a few days. I’ve got to go, dogs to meet, people to see. I’m a busy gal!” That’s my girl. No wonder they call her a mascot around the neighborhood. Everyone knows her name.

Guess what? I didn’t cry, I would have after I turned around leaving her at a kennel. I know she is in good hands this long weekend where adventures abound. Now I just have to make my list and pack, just as I did for Zoe. She was so excited that I was placing her food and treats and bags in a bag, as she hates to see us pack and always thinks we’re moving.

Oh, I hope my alarm goes off at 5:30 in the morning. It would be good if I actually made my flight. Cheers! No computer this weekend. Family time. Dee

ps When I arrive to pick up Zoe, if she’s happy to see me/us, it’s great. If she is desperate and whining to see us (kennel) I feel horrible.



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