No, not toys. It’s something of consequence I’ve been making for a while and I just got a slant on it that would make a great difference, especially for home cooks.

I love having a cook-fest with M, my husband’s mother. We began with half a day and have stretched to nearly four. It has become a kitchen dance and we missed last year. The we includes the dog, and I plan to drive her all the way there just to lick up the crumbs. She’s been missed.

People who come from long distances are not supposed to bring anything to Thanksgiving, but they do anyways. M and I cook for days, I’ve a corn “quiche” that would knock your socks off but will do a riff on it this year. You’ll know about the corn debacle first-hand after it is tasted tomorrow.

I’ve become the Thanksgiving veggie gal so I bring brussels sprouts and cauliflower to the dinner, also mincemeat tarts. I love coming up with my best ideas in the middle of the night. Here’s to Fresno and jalapeno peppers. Dee

ps I always bring boursin cheese and almonds and cashews as well, all homemade. It’s a long drive, I’m not really slacking.



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