After I pay the bills I’m up for an adventure, an educational one for me and others. I go to the cooking store, my husband goes to the electronics store but yes, he does have four tool bags/boxes in storage.

He started to learn math and science from his uncle T who died of cancer yesterday, God rest his soul. T was a mentor that drove him to math and physics. He will be missed.

In cooking I always take advantage of what is available to me from feed stores to hardware stores. I use a curry comb to scale fish. There is a set of needle nose pliers that is only used to pull pin bones from something like salmon. As of yesterday I’ve wire cutters to trim woody flower stems. Of course he has them, in storage. I need a clean one for cooking.

The gist is that my husband has as many tools for fixing things as I do for making things. Nothing with grease on it gets into my kitchen, and my tools are not used for shop work. He knows about the needle-nose pliers. Peace, good food and a good home, who could ask for anything more… Dee


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