OTIS: Elevate Us

It turns out that I am the fourth of five unfortunate souls to be trapped in elevator #4 in the past week, and probably there for the longest time because Otis kept me busy pressing buttons and doors for 1/2 hour.

By then it was 6:30 and they finally got a truck to come out which took another 1/2 hour.

I was downstairs bringing in the dog late afternoon and a man I see reading the paper every morning shut the elevator door in my face, after I thanked him. Only one elevator is working for 20 floors of residents. It is rush hour now. Hopefully the stuck individual was released and is home safe and sound.

We pay a lot to live here. If management doesn’t have the money to pay for regular maintenance and repairs, they don’t belong in business and we will leave. If the bank who owns 40 stories of real estate here doesn’t want to allow management to spend money on this key issue, they do not deserve paying tenants. We’ve been here for years and in all my years on earth I’ve never been stuck in an elevator since last week.

School is starting up soon and when there is a moving truck outside or a furniture rental truck for rich kids whose parents are paying the bill, they shut down the only elevator that works these days. Yes, we are not allowed to use it. We live upstairs, way upstairs. I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for 30 years, misdiagnosed for 20. Our dog has no hips.

Walking all those flights at least six times per day, while paying what we do for no service whatsoever, does not make sense. It’s time to move west, young man. We’re paying full income tax in two states, one in which my husband works and lives in a hotel, and one where he doesn’t make a nickel but it is our primary address.

Our dog Zoe has bottled water, a bowl, a 4″ orthopedic bed and a cargo net in the back of my SUV. All I need is my suitcase, guitar and laptop, dog food and it’s: have dog/doggie bags, will travel. I know my way, have done it before. Sick as a dog last time on that route, unable to speak at all so my husband followed in his car and when I got off the highway he followed, we got gas, water and used the facilities and, of course, took Zoe out first.

Fix the elevator, people! I’ll not be stuck again. Dee


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