Stuck in an elevator alone for an hour awaiting rescue, I thought about some things.

I am a good legislative analyst, writer and cook, not necessarily in that order. I am not usually, nor do I wish to be, the person on stage. I am the one who makes the person on stage who he/she is.

In the real world, I write the speech, the legislation (I was a legend back in the day), stay after hours. Now I cook for my husband and always do mis en place, every dish in our home. No matter, I get to prep, cook and clean up, something none of my roommates would allow me to do in college. In college I never cleared plates or cleaned up because I did prep and dinner.

In high school and college I had trouble writing because I was told I was useless and would never amount to anything. Several mentors told me otherwise. I wrote crap in college, then excelled at legalese, and then consulting documents including formative papers, studies et al.

It is such a joy to finally write on my own, for fun. I have a voice. It is something many mentors gave me over the years. They gave me how to speak and spell and how to make a coherent sentence. Every time I write a post I look at it and ask how they would see it.

Gone are the days of typewriters, lined paper, carbon paper and not knowing my muse. It’s life!

Now I write to write, and events change my life every day. Oh, I missed gymnastics yesterday at the Olympics but saw the first page of the paper. If I did (and I did) want to be a ballerina or a gymnast I’m too old to be either. I do have an education.

Now I “prep” sometimes for my husband, a genius physicist and engineer. It’s interesting that I used to revise his resume and papers and now I prepare dinner. I still write and he does ask me to review things. I still do taxes. As to prep, I do take care of our dog as well.

Years ago I had two great professors who tried to make me into what I could be. It took me a bit longer to figure it out. They taught me information that would change my life and put the life puzzle together. Thank you Fathers C and J. Be with God, my Fathers, and I will join you and perhaps play bad guitar on a good guitar.

I’m not going to “prep” for that. Ribeye is on sale. Baked potato, roasted carrots? He’s snoring so doesn’t have a say in this. I am a leader and deal with it in my own way, the power behind the throne. In any city I’ve lived in I can get you anywhere without traffic. Dee



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