My Hero

This afternoon, after I bought killer stuff, killed thousands of spiders who had taken over our balcony. I saw the five main ones, but there were many others. Tomorrow we’ll sweep everything away, do the floors and then the exterior windows next weekend.

Sadly, both dog beds are out there for airing and spring cleaning. They now may have spider eggs in them (at least they’re outdoors and we’re hermetically sealed, 95%, indoors. I’ll place them in a plastic bag and take them to a reputable laundry to be cleaned in hot water and dried hot as well.

Husband says we need malathion to keep spidey’s away preventatively. We also need a new grill, ours is ten years old and beyond cleaning. Once we start going out there again to cook my good food, the spiders will not take over again.

I’m making my husband’s new favorite, canneloni with my lasagne filling (lots of basil) and tomato sauce. He bought me a pastry bag this week, an old-fashioned one. I had him open it up today and washed it and my old pastry tips. He gets to help me cut the bag so my #6 will fit in there, and grate the fresh mozz for the filling.

Oven’s on, he’s on the phone with family. We’ll finish prep (done) in five minutes. Cheers and enjoy the weekend. Dee


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