I Love

my husband. At midnight I was looking through my email and found out I had a package. I checked it out. Last weekend I used the same 10-Minute Lasagne recipe on this blog and stuffed it into cannolini, no-boil  shells from the Italian grocery.

What did he have sent to me? Well, I don’t know what happened to my pastry bags but still have tips. Last weekend we did a Keystone Kops routine trying to fill them with a zip-top bag with the corner cut off.

Disaster. He loved it 10 times more than the lasagne (same recipe, different shape) so he bought me an old-fashioned pastry bag. How sweet.

I love having a clean home and have a plan for that. I love that dog Zoe followed our maid around for two hours and slept the rest of the day.

I love that the bank (I had my account as a single person years before adding my husband and we are co-signators on all accounts) keeps our accounts current. I cannot access my checking account I’ve had for over 20 years because our bank switched it to him and will not talk to me, who created the account.

Last week they made him change sign-in and password and he did it without me so chose names and numbers only he was familiar with, making it difficult for me to pay our bills today. This was my account for 20 years. It took an hour on the phone and probably another two this weekend when my husband is home to rectify things. I don’t like that this bank is going to eat up our weekend with their stupid rules that say once you marry, your husband has control of your accounts even though they are joint and both are signators. As a matter of fact, I will ask them about that.

I love my family, familiar and extended, and our dog. Everyone is getting older so we love time together. Views, Europe, mountains, lakes, museums, historic churches and sites. Walking the passegiatta in Florence, yes that is a gentle stroll down the main streets at twilight.

Eating a ricotta-stuffed raviolo with brown butter and sage, or delicious Tuscan beans, Fagioli all’Uccelletto (beans like birds). Try Scotland’s salmon or mussels. Canada’s smoked meat on rye, and of course, NYC’s best Pastrami with a latke on the side. There is so much more.

It’s hard not to love life with so many wonderful things, and this is just a bit of cream off the top. Cheers! Dee


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