He Sleeps

Julia Roberts said that in Pretty Woman.

My husband works all week, an 18 hour or longer trip from us, and we expect delays.

He sleeps, hangs out, eats my homemade breakfasts and dinners, relaxes and walks our dog Zoe. I thought he was nuts at first with the travel but he knows what I do in a hotel room. First I unpack and put everything in closet or drawers. Yes, I do. He goes and gets ice and a Dr. Pepper.

Now he packs his own bags. I packed for him for nearly 14 years (12 minutes for both our bags for a weekend jaunt) but now I don’t know “the system.” He shuts the blackout shades. I want to know when the sun comes up so only close the sheers. Also, I usually like the hotel view.

We’re about to spend an entire week together celebrating an important birthday. Let’s see how it goes.

This morning we’re past breakfast and into lunch. He and Zoe are sound asleep. I don’t know that I’ll get in a couple of “honey-do’s” that will take about ten minutes total, this weekend. Cheers and cherish your significant others, Dee


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