That is why I was brought here. I’ve been doing it all my life. People and animals call out for me and it seems as if it is fate. I cannot help every person or every pet. Sad people I can help, dogs and cats good.

When it comes to snakes, rodents, lizards or birds I’m out of my wheelhouse but usually have a talented neighbor with expertise in those arenas.

St. Francis sent me out here into the world, I went to a Franciscan college and now our Pope is Francis. I don’t get paid for this. Just let me do my job, my volunteer work.

I helped Alonzo off the sofa with my hand and a pat on his shoulder and got a free safety check for my car. I must be doing good in the world. You be safe, take care of your pets. They are God’s creatures, too. Dee


One response to “Saving

  1. I just wrote the Pope. Two sentences. About how St. Francis shaped my life before I even knew his name, my education and how I was always made to help people and animals. That St. Francis defined him, I’m there for him and he’s here for us. Don’t worry, it bounced back! So much for caring.

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