Coffee, Tea, Me?

Not me. I love the smell of roasted coffee and that of tobacco in the local shop as a kid with Dad. I do not partake of either.

I’ve been driven through coffee outlets many times, for one girl friend, the driver. We have only had herbal tea. Living in the UK made me believe in electric kettles. Their electrical circuits are so strong they can boil water in a minute. Ours aren’t that fast but work in mountains where water boils at 140 degrees F. Stovetop takes forever and tea is cold. Don’t even ask me about hard-boiled eggs, that took a summer to perfect.

Then, what does one add to that water? I bought a special mix for my husband that I love and he doesn’t like so we went to Teavana and bought him a tea he likes and a carafe in which to make it. I know I have too much kitchen stuff! Think of tea as the next star*****.

He has a cold and needs hot tea so I’ll go and brew some for him. Yes, I’m staying away from him lest I’ll get the bug. Cheers! Dee

ps the two blends we have are the Beach Bellini, my favorite, and my husband’s is the Raspberry Limeade.


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