Sing, Sing a Song…

I’ve always been partial to music. Dad was/is a violinist and taught music and had me learn violin and piano, then Santa got me a guitar for Christmas at age 12. I started an all-girl band, three guitar players, and we actually played in a talent contest for our school. They were tone-deaf. Luckily our family moved to another school district shortly thereafter, though we did come in second! It doesn’t say much for first place. Hey, I was 12.

I often awaken with a song in my head. Often it’s just voice, sometimes guitar or piano showing me how to play it. No dreams speak violin.

There are a few songs that annoy me and stay in my head for weeks. My husband knows this so sings one from time to time. From “Annie,” The Sun Will Come Up Tomorrow” is one.

Once, I took the Disney ride through a small world. It is a small world after all, my brain told me for weeks. Even seeing the titles gets my mind going, so I haven’t searched for more. Often I awaken singing (in my mind) Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash or Dave Mason. Those are good days…

There are three threats in my home. First is that my husband will allow Zoe the dog to eat something icky from the park and vomit on our bed. Second is that my husband wants to tease me so starts singing one of these songs.

Third is me. Husband is deathly allergic to fish and came home with a rash that started to cover his body. I gave him OTC medication and called his mother, a nurse. We got him over it without going to the ER. He had gone to a Russian buffet with his work cohorts and either ate a piece of fish or ate meat that was fried in oil in which fish had floundered (pun intended).

Whenever he is too methodical I say “I’m hungry. How about a Russian buffet?

That’s what happens after fifteen years together. We just know each other, Luke, I am your father. Yes, we see the marathons together on cable as someone never returned our DVD’s. I had never seen a Star Wars movie until 15 years ago. He saw it as a boy and knows every difference from the original to the revised version.

We bring good things and tease each other from time to time. Much to do now before businesses open, and my love will be home late tonight. Cheers! Dee



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