Replacement & Renewal

There is no way I can replace my husband or renew him with another. He is it. Once I’m gone you should be smart, dear. And perhaps be a good cook. You can be buddies that go to the local brew pub together for a burger. First date.

As to dogs, I’m also with Zoe until the end. She’s healthy at 12.5 years. Hopefully both of us will be with her in her final moments.

Some people replace, I make sure our dog is renewed so we stay in each others’ lives. We may renew, but can never replace our Zoe. She came from a shelter with bad hips we had to work on (excised, FHNO) as a bad case but we saw her through it over the years and stopped helping when she stole a pound of steak off our counter! No, not cured but 80% , top scores for total hip removals when she had to grow her own. Yes, hips. From cartilage. No titanium hips for 25 lb. dogs then.

Zoe has the best personality in the thousands of animals I’ve met. She’s kind of a mascot here and gets along with everyone. I don’t know if I could pick up from another shelter a dog that is anyone like her. Yes,  all of mine, all four over nearly 3o years have been rescues.

It is about renewal, not replacement. Our Zoe is fine. I would never try to replace her and want Jake to know that Max is here now, for you, for us. Thanks for your friendship. I miss you, Jake, you let Max meet Aunt Dee and as it is your family, Max knows me and Zoe and I watered your tree in the park to let you know we care and miss you.

Sometimes I wish that the people who treated me badly over life were punished. I choose the positive of wisdom, family, friends, colleagues, lots of neighbors, and to treat them wisely. A positive attitude is always a plus. I have one, as our “Greek for Life” dog herds me/stands by me 24/7 and takes care of everyone here. Here’s to a “peach.”  Dee



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