Dad at 85

Yes, he’s nearly there and we are celebrating this event with travel to his parents’ homeland.

When I think of my childhood I wonder the traits that were hard-wired (innate) or learned and think of my parents, theirs, and theirs.

The greatest thing Dad taught me was fairness. Let every kid play, kids can carry toddlers, girls and boys for softball or touch football. No money, no scores, just kids calling on him and he’d have ask to wait until he finished dinner, to have fun.

I looked to humanize the star and pulled up the ones who needed guidance and/or talent. I was never a gifted athlete, but a wise captain. That was at age sixteen.

Don’t worry, I call on him to have fun, as he has intelligence, wit, and as I’m not in athletics he taught me to level the playing field. You can’t do it with cats, they don’t work that way. Dogs, yes. People, yes. I’m retired, not a consultant on Wall Street. Those are the mean dogs. There is no savior for them.

Thank you, Dad, and an early Happy Birthday, D


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