International Affairs

How to get people to work together is the think. We live in the USA. I just wrote a post about a childhood incident.

I’d like to think that as we age we become more wise. I know I have but just learned something today about personalities.

My sister cut off her hair, tangled as a child, and I had darker hair. We were supposed to go on vacation at 4 a.m. and my parents pretended not to know where the hair knot was from, the scissors. She held out for a long time, so I confessed and we could get on the road.

She was pardoned for holding out, I was punished for lying. She had cut hair sticking up from her head that was many shades lighter than mine.

Internationally in a political debate, she is the zealot and I’m the UN. That’s what my parents counted on that day and now I know why I am who I am. What did the global tribunal do? Blame the UN. I don’t keep up with Afghanistan but someday before I die, please let skilled diplomats do their jobs. Or hire more skilled diplomats.

There has to be some neutral ground. Afghanistan, Pakistan, why are we there? Vietnam. My old dad was conscripted after the Korean war. He ended up striping roads then managing an Army symphony division around Europe.

I am and have always been the mediator. Take it from me. Dee

ps There will never be a move called The Mediator. The closest you’ll ever get is George Clooney in Michael Clayton. He was the fixer. D


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