After 9/11 I was stuck overseas, seeing CNN all day and night and not being allowed to fly home. A week later after going to church and bell-ringing hand-holding ceremonies for the dead I finally got my way to Rome and home.

After I showed my passport all the Customs Agent could say, when he handed the passport back to me, was “Welcome home.” I burst into tears for the loss, the sadness and that I was alive and got to come home. My brother was outside the first tower ten minutes before it was hit.

A week later I met a man, he’s been with me since then, met, held hands, saw a movie and now we’re married 13 years and have a dog.

It will not come as a surprise to you that I now track my husband’s flights online. He landed 10 minutes ago so is probably in a car and may be home before midnight! He always sends a text with “I’m on the plane, airline and number. Love you!”

The Italians next door banged on our door yelling “CNN, CNN!” We had electricians, computer experts, random neighbors and workers watching with us for hours. Of course it was 4 p.m. in Italy and we watched both towers go down.

I used to work at WTC a lot, for the State of New York at their offices,  mostly to organize and conduct public hearings on issues of interest.

No-one is allowed, on a flight, to use a cell phone. I use my computer to tell if someone has blown up my husband’s plane. We love and need him at home. He loves his wife and older dog. We’re sorry his plane is three hours late because it’ll give us less time over the weekend. That’s all for now, I’ll forego the snarky stuff … Dee


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