I’ve always wanted to say that word with meaning, but given a Teutonic upbringing I was unable to do so.

The first time I saw a photo of an English country garden I was amazed. It was tamed of weeds but allowed to grow in abundance. Food is another way to abandon and abundance. Get the freshest things you can find and figure out what to do with them. As the Italians and Greeks have told me, just take the best and don’t mess it up. Best olive oil, fish or meat, veg then have a bit of limoncello and strawberry granita. What could be better?

Alas, I went to a French cooking school where all these sauces were designed to cover rotting meat because there was no refrigeration. Do I have uses for the “mother” sauces? Of course. Not every day. I like to keep things simple, but cook with abandon. Perhaps someday I’ll learn to paint with abandon. For now I just need new glasses. Dee


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