Foxes in Boxes

We will not accept faxes or foxes in boxes.

We will not accept UPS or FedEx,

We live to make your life miserable,

You got a refund we want to take back.

There are no extensions, no leniency

Even though I just ordered ink for our beast,

Yes, the printer

Do not use priority mail, it’ll cost extra and not get here soon enough.


You did not make one dollar in your state of record. Your tax professionals failed to send all your state filings and W-2’s because that’s not what they do. They will not electronically re-file today because they say they don’t have the information to do so.

I have to print everything out for you and have it there by the 24th and you will only accept USPS? What kind of government are we paying to live and spend money and not make a cent in a year, then pay as if we did make a salary here, get a refund then get audited?

They say it’s an information request, so did our tax folks. It’s an audit.

Guess what? We’ll need to eventually move to a no income-tax state. I did taxes for the IRS and four states for last year. We paid full taxes for every penny my husband made outside our state. Now they want to penalize us for it. Shame on the governor and his minions.

My mother, a CPA always told me to never take a “home office” deduction. I’m sure she was correct. Now I could tell her to never call yourself a “consultant.” You’ll be sent to the lower levels of Dante’s Inferno from reporting income and answering all questions. Not happy now, Dee


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