OK, I am Gibbs

I’ve nearly 90,000 viewers. I wanted to give up at 1,000 posts but didn’t. For years I’ve been asking myself why. I had a career, a large volunteer coalition with projects I was passionate about. I was always afraid of writing, that no-one would like what I wrote. I was told by one parent I could be an astronaut or president, and the other that I would always be a failure. Yeah, they divorced. I like writing stories from life, recipes, thoughts, and apparently you like reading them.

Here goes, first version of Dee’s Rules:

1.Live, love, laugh.

2. Cook with abandon for family and friends. Be generous in spirit.

3. Get a pet. It’ll make even a nerd a human being capable of thought and care. Even a betta or goldfish will do if you know their rules.

4. If you can’t handle a pet, get a plant. If you can’t do that get an air plant and place in on a suction cup on your window. It only needs minimal moisture.

5. Find the right spouse. Took me over 20 years. He asked about kids. Not yet, see rule #3. We’ve had our dog over 12 years, no kids. He spoils her rotten and I’m the disciplinarian and food wench.

6. Before #5 meet the parents, all of them, no matter how far across the country or world they are. Grandparents, too. Survive the interviews then cook for them. Yes!!!

7. Take a break in life and go to a good cooking school. It’ll teach you Rule #8.

8. Shop the outer aisles of the grocery, produce, fish, meat, dairy and only go in the center for bottled water, condiments, rice, pasta, tomatoes for sauce. And tea, of course.

9. Yes, space is a big dark thing out there few folks can speak about in person. It is also a small kitchen space used for very few things. I keep mine to a minimum. If you eat rice five times per day, by all means have a rice cooker. Espresso with foam? Ditto. I’ve a 5 quart stand mixer, food processor, blender, toaster and hot water kettle. I can explain the kettle, we were living at 6,500 feet above sea level where water boiled at about 140 degrees instead of 212. On the stove, water for tea would never boil.

10. Trust your heart and your brain. If they’re fighting, resolve it.

11. Love your family and always welcome them with open arms.

12. Always say thank you.

13. When you go to any foreign country, always learn good morning, afternoon, evening, and good night; also please, thank you, excuse me and where is the nearest bathroom. Also can you point me to my hotel.

14.When planning to go to a foreign country make certain your passport and visas are in order. Research! Know what to see, what you can eat (raw fruit or veg) or drink (water) and about the culture and how to dress. In Greece we went to an historic Orthodox church and all the gals were in shorts and tee-shirts. We had to walk by a priest who OK’d us. Luckily I’d stocked up on local scarves so some were used as skirts, others as shawls. Of course I was dressed appropriately to begin with. Who else had to walk around the house at age six with the OED on her head keeping posture erect?

I think that’s wiped me out enough for now. I may venture on a walk on broken sidewalks and dreams towards the grocery store to gain dinner. My rules will be simpler, but needed stories to go with, for now. Dee


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