After college I took a job in politics. I was hired as a policy wonk but realized I was becoming a politician. Having my little brother and sister do “lit drops” which is a folder on your door, or conducting phone ops evenings and weekends I elected my guy.

I didn’t think I was in politics because I was hip-deep into all kinds of law and policy. I got the call from the Majority Leader (he asked my name and said I had my Dad’s eyes) that said Mr. P won without saying it. I cupped the land line (years ago) and yelled for them to get the newest Assemblyman so his boss, the Majority Leader, could tell him he won. Actually they didn’t know, I didn’t know and just said get him ASAP. I remember afterward looking at a harvest moon and cider,not the hard kind.

This man, P, was the most selfless, studious, runner, committed family man I ever met until I met my husband. Mr. P and his wife and family were the reason I became committed to policy and not politics and had to quit. Early on he had me take him to a “hot” place to dance and drink because we were both from the country. There were few places, this was the lobby of a Hilton. We ordered a club soda and a glass of wine.

They mixed it up. I had the wine. He said, my colleagues drink, gamble and cheat on their wives. I told him of the “pact” where colleagues could even have second families and all talk of it stopped at a certain point on the road.

He did none of those things, ran 12 miles a day, read every bill he was going to vote on (that’s why I was there, to analyze and provide synopses so no Member would ever have to read a bill.)

He stayed many years and retired elsewhere. I’d like to think I did as well. He thinks I helped him get elected. I think his grace and dignity saved me. He gave me my husband, though he couldn’t even run after our old dog! Thank You Mr. P. You and your family saved my life. Dee

ps Now I’m getting crosswalks, no after-hours biker bars and now as an old lady I get to choose my vote, can even walk to the Montessori school that is my polling place. Who could ask for anything more? Not me, D


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