He’s Home

And tired and was in bed and I just lifted the dog up. I’m going to join them and sleep. Tomorrow we have our first date in 14 years. Yeah, when you’re married you don’t get dates. Now it’s my job, like bills and taxes.

Our first date in 2001 he opened the car door, took my hand and never let go. That’s romance to me. He is my prince in shining armor, upon a unicorn. I’m going to join my family. Happily, Dee


2 responses to “He’s Home

  1. I don’t know if we can do it. He works all week and gets in late night on a Friday, leaves at dawn on Monday, every week. I’m worried about him. Working five days a week and 18 hours of travel for two days spending at “home” with me and our Zoe means I should shift the situation. OH! I’ve just figured out a solution. Thanks for making me think.

  2. Dinner was wonderful, and brief. We had a reservation at seven and were home at 8:30. Wild Sunday night. We arrived and the host said he was glad we could re-schedule our reservation to Sunday and welcomed me back on behalf of John the bartender, with whom I shared a conversation over several club sodas, three apps and one killer dessert.

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