The Doctor is In

This morning I opened an organic banana for breakfast and it had a huge bruise on top which I cut out.

In high school my best friend Pam sliced bananas an eighth inch thick to make sure she didn’t get any bruises. She drove me nuts, surgically assaulting fruit. Guess what? She ended up a pediatric ER nurse her entire career. It all fits. Her father was a dentist.

Meticulous. I married a Pam in my meticulous husband, a physicist turned software engineer/consultant. He’ll spend 1/2 hour finding the right toilet paper on Amazon. It takes him an hour to write a two-sentence email and he types like crazy then edits and edits and ends up with a cogent message. This is not like saying hello to a neighbor. It’s business. I edit for content, context, spelling et al.

He’s on a flight home tonight so I have to plan menus for the weekend. I’ve a frozen pizza ready in case he’s hungry. I’m thinking Chicken Saltimbocca for one dinner, we can’t grill so it’s still cold here and I may make a pot roast one night with jus and pappardelle noodles (store-bought) before he flies back to work.

I’ve been ill lately so haven’t kept up our home. Tumbling tumbleweeds of dog undercoat on carpets. Need to get someone to help with spring cleaning so we can invite former neighbors over, with their new dog (I helped with the old one before he left us), for dinner and a bottle of private estate Tuscan wine. I did pour water on Jake’s tree the other day, RIP Jake you wonderful Golden Retriever. When he got tired of Zoe he used to lock himself in the bathroom. I felt bad and told his folks and they said he does it all the time at home. Phew!

Pam and I still keep in touch and I thought of her this morning while I took out the banana bruise without layers. I was never meant to be an ER nurse; analyst, advocate, volunteer-that’s Dee.


One response to “The Doctor is In

  1. I was prevented from access to my new/old neighbor dog who is blind and was barking like crazy from hallway carpet cleaning and fans. Finally his owners came home and will allow me access when he’s frightened and barks like crazy. They’re going to put me in as a contact, enough of the resident carabinieri (resident police), and paperwork to put anyone’s panties in a twist. I help animals, especially those of dear neighbors.

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