Baby Goats

I named them. They were tiny females so I figured they needed strong names. I named them Eleanor (Roosevelt) and Rosa (Parks), not because of color, but personality.

They were placed in a goat pen that had been cleaned out by FIL with an “igloo” dog enclosure. One of those fiberglass thingies with a dome. Well, the goats loved to be at the top so took turns standing atop the igloo.

Now I’m the igloo and guest dog jumps up on me all the time. Mommy’s coming home tomorrow so I see no reason to break out the crates, yes we have three, one airline ready with a plastic pouch for travel documents, water, ice, a battery-powered fan and all kinds of stickers about Live Animal et al my husband wanted to print and stick on.

Actually I’ve a large wire crate folded up in the laundry room…. no, she went out twice this morning and is closed out of our bedroom because she pooped in there yesterday. She’s slept for a couple of hours. That is good.

I’m trying to get ready for my husband’s homecoming tomorrow. Grocery list, laundry, cleaning, dishwashing. Right now I’m taking a brief break before a late lunch/early dinner. NY strip, mashed potatoes and sauteed cavolo nero in Italian, lacinato or dinosaur kale. Take out the rib, use it for soup, but it tastes quite like spinach. The kids may love it!

My girl is here by my desk. Guest dog is sleeping on my pillows and hopefully not pooping on the carpet. Cheers! Dee


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