Quiet Time

There are some times when you look at your life, enjoy memories from view, taste or even photos of relatives and friends.

As we always go to Nanny’s on Thanksgiving after dinner all the other guys were watching A&M vs. UT. They’re all A$M (intended) so it’s a big deal.

I was looking for my husband and he was in the formal living room alone, lying on the floor because his back was bothering him. I offered to help, nothing but OTC pain reliever, so I laid down on the sofa and held his hand. The light was waning outside and we had no lights except the Christmas tree. Next thing you know, the five Grands (six if you include me, adopted into the clan) all laid on the floor like J and told stories, some that were sad and others that made the laughter almost make you want to fall onto the floor.

Like the time J’s cousins pretended to be a girl in grade school coming by to ask J to marry her. He agreed to be put down the laundry chute instead of answering the door. Of course it was a cousin that was ringing the door bell. I laughed ’til crying.

At one point a child ran by and his mom was lying on the floor. Normally she would have gotten up. Child said “he disrespected me!!!” She laid there and said “work it out.” The cousin disrespecting him was three times his size. They all worked it out and get along.

We have so many stories. I do. Don’t talk about the laundry chute. My husband may be a few years younger but is bigger and taller and they’re cousins and good friends. Here’s to family! Dee


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