The Best Sound

in the world for me is my husband snoring. If he’s not snoring away, he may be dead. I wouldn’t want that.

The best sound for a dog is that of a stainless steel bowl being placed on the counter and kibble being measured in, plus Zoe’s frozen medallions and the “special sauce” which is a tablespoon of boxed chicken broth.

Zoe stays by me 24/7 but rarely touches me or wants a pat on the head. She loves my baths, rather than hubby’s, because I do more of a spa massage and he does the “manly man” gotta get everything you’ve picked up in the past two weeks.

Now I’ve two. Our guest dog spends a few hours of the day alone, on my pillow or on Zoe’s bed, on the rug at the foot of our bed. At night she sleeps on my husband’s pillow and keeps her face an inch from me. Sometimes she holds my arm or hand. Zoe’s at the far corner of a king bed so she can see squirrels. A lotta luck there, babe, hermetically sealed in here and you’ll never leave my side.

No matter where they are, they hear their bowls at dinner time. Water first, then their individual food in their other stainless bowls. Do they come running? You bet. I’ve made our guest into a chow hound, must be the special sauce. Also Zoe eats in a minute and it takes guest L at least eight minutes so Zoe goes behind closed doors, then I open up and they play, sleep and then go out for a walk.

As an adult human I wish my day were that easy! Cheers, and here’s to coming back to life as a lucky cat or dog with a loving, caring family and not a cabbage or a steer. Dee


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