I’ve a bunch of heirloom carrots. Sadly, the refrigerator drawers designed for fruit and veg freeze everything. I’ve even placed kitchen towels on the bottom and placed them at the highest temperature.

Soup is the order of the day. Due to the colors of the carrots it will make an elegant or dismal display. I have to walk to the market today. Will take dog Zoe out for a walk.

I wrote to Cesar Millan today. I know he deals with tough cases and doesn’t like purebred dogs. I wrote him the sweetest story about our 12 year rescued herder, Zoe, Greek for Life. She’s under my desk right now and follows me through kitchen (she’s not allowed in my kitchen except to eat her dinner or drink her water) and bedroom and laundry and office).

Success stories are what I always want to tell. Our Zoe was a mess coming out of the shelter, needed shots, fluids, two hip surgeries. No-one who had spent $75 for a shelter dog who needed a thousand more for hip surgeries and rehabilitation. Luckily, we found her and she found us. She just turned 12 years old and we adopted her that year four days hence. What a wonderful world it can be.

I’m working on my carrot soup but need to take the little one out for a longer walk and we may even see her favorite USPS mail carrier. My old dog hated men and uniforms, Zoe looks for mail carriers pants and wags her tail and greets all. She’s a peach. Dee



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