A Note Pad or Google Chrome

At 3:00 a.m. I awaken to my best ideas for writing, and many other areas such as cooking or how to revitalize a non-profit theater. I’ve always reminded myself to keep a note pad by the bed. I do not. Last night I had three three-fer blog posts based on three single words. After awakening, dressing for the weather, taking out the dog and feeding her I forgot them all.

Perhaps later in the day I’ll remember.

Then there is Google Chrome from which I write this blog. They are discontinuing service for all who do not have the newest OS on their Mac. My Mac is old, my iPhone is brand new and while Google Chrome was good for a while, see ya later.

I believe a car is supposed to get me from point A to point B. I believe a computer is a tool, like pencil and paper, to achieve any means like writing, spreadsheets, internet searching et al. My car is 12 years old. My computer is eight years old. My phone was eight years old. They all worked. OK, when we had friends over for dinner one night they all put their cell phones on the coffee table then asked what I had. Their phones all laughed at mine. But it wasn’t until I couldn’t contact my bank that I got a new phone.

Yes, I’ll need a new computer, but Google Chrome, why are you doing this? My husband has upgraded my OS to the limit and bought more memory. Even a new hard drive and battery. Yes, he’s a software guy.

Google Chrome is supposed to get me internet access and access to this blog. Why are you going to block it? Guess I’ll have to go back to Firefox or Safari. Remember something.

I do not carry a Paris Hilton dog in my handbag. I’ve a 32 lb. rescue dog with no hips. I wear Crocs. I’m not interested in looking good in the neighborhood while I walk the hipless wonder dog. I’m not interested in showing off my new phone or having people see my computer array (yes, wireless keyboard, 24″ flat screen monitor and Bluetooth printer that could flatten a bus if only I could lift it). All the ideas of my better half.

It’s all pencil and paper, point A to point B. They’re tools. My precious objects are here with me, dog Zoe, or a husband away on business for a couple of days.

I just remembered one of my themes. Back after I have breakfast. Dee


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