Changing Things Up

Yes, we move from time to time. We’ve been married over 13 years now and see things on the horizon.

I get to see the little things. I lived on my own for years so never had to think of these little things, like making dinner for two, feeding and walking a dog and keeping certain things separate. Suitcases. I used to be able to pack for us in less than 12 minutes. After 14 years he packs himself (first time for everything) and I stay out of his way. Of course all his shirts, pants, socks et al are clean and folded in his closet. Magic!

Most dishes go in the dishwasher so that’s all the same. Some things are blue/purple for him and red/pink for me, like toothbrushes. We can tell our glasses apart (I hate Dr. Pepper) and I don’t wear contacts.

Then it comes to cell phones. Mine was eight years old and even my bank would not allow me access. Years ago I got a bright pink case because we had the same phone back then (he drowned one fly-fishing then progressed several times) and I didn’t want him to take mine to work and have my list of contacts instead of who he needed to contact for work.

Now we’ve the newest iPhone on the planet and it’s huge and heavy and I don’t text and don’t know how to use the darn thing. I don’t care. I only call and answer calls. We both got glass and he has a hard case because he keeps his phone in his pocket and drops it on concrete a lot. I got a clear case with a rose gold back on my phone so he’ll never board a flight without his phone or contact list. I keep mine connected in the kitchen (away from water) and in my purse when on the road.

Newlyweds, forget about what the bridal magazines are trying to sell you. You will not be reading the Sunday paper and doing the crossword on the sofa. You will be worrying about where to put Great Aunt Linda’s china and taking care of your husband when his allergies kick in. Then you’ll have kids, at least a dog. Walks, soccer, school, runny noses. Whatever. Just remember when you take out Fido, you pick up and safely transport the poop to an approved receptacle. I am happily married to a very smart man, and am glad that you read this blog. Cheers! Dee

ps Ask me about the one fly-fishing trip another time……


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