Zoe is 12

Our pup lived a filthy existence before she left her “home” for the shelter before she should have been weaned, or spayed. We met her and asked for her and she had a hold at the shelter by someone else. We met other dogs but no-one like her.

The next morning we were called with a lift on the hold so she could be ours. She had an unfortunate name I’d gone to lengths to correct after we finally adopted her, she jumped out of the box at just six weeks and sat on my lap in the car and looked out the window.

Coccidia, hookworms, done asap, then double hip dysplasia several months later and she had to go through six months of surgery and rehabilitation. Before surgery she would roll down the hill if she felt threatened and just give up her tummy. No-one took it. She is a sweet, beta girl.

We have a herder. She’s still a pup in our eyes. I gave her three little glusamine/chondriotin/sea cucumber bits yesterday atop her food.

Yesterday our Zoe, Greek for life, turned 12 years old. She’s still great with adults, kids and other dogs. Kids call on her. She loves being in my car, and has a 4″ orthopedic bed in there with a net and dog bowls et al. On the highway she sleeps, and only pops her head up at an off-ramp or street light.

We’re going on 14 years of marriage and Zoe took a lot of work but turned into a really great dog. January is always a great month to say what we are grateful for. Dee




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