Our Girl

Zoe took food from my plate tonight. She will be 12 years old end of the month, knows better and had a great meal this evening.

I had to call my husband’s mother to find out what to do with an errant child. She said to pull out Zoe’s cage and put her in it for a while. We’ll see about that. Right now she’s back in our bedroom and my husband is working and wearing headphones. Perhaps I’ll take away her bed.

She seems to know she did something wrong. She just has to not do it again. I don’t eat out of her bowl. She should not steal from my plate while I am eating. I love her and will be with her all her life but these are rules. I just took her comfy bed out from under her and didn’t “Otis” her to our bed. My husband has been on the phone and working so she’s been closed back there away from me, dog mom and food wench and taker-outer. Husband’s taking her for “last chance.”

I’ve closed the door to our office. The kitchen is closed, as is my work space. If she is mad at me for writing my first childrens’ book this morning this is no way to act. I am the food wench. Deal with it. Dee


One response to “Our Girl

  1. The dish was a version of Mom’s from childhood. I sauteed pork chops while boiling shells. When the chops were seared and the shells undercooked I placed them in a Pyrex dish with tomato sauce and sliced onion and baked it for 20-30 minutes. Then I plated it and Zoe took shells off my plate while I was eating. NO! Bad dog! It was as good as I remembered years ago, and the only bad thing is that Zoe licked my plate while my husband and I were talking and eating.

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