A Happy New Year

I never go out New Years’ Eve since my car was totaled, parked safely on the street, 30 years ago. That was an original VW Bug and they sheared the left front tire from the axle. Luckily I knew the best Bug guy in town and he fixed me up and just said “don’t turn too far left or it’ll hit the fuel line and you’ll blow up.” Oh, thanks, that’s good to know.

This year, we did go to a lovely dinner early New Years’ Day and brought dessert and got to talk to old friends, hang out with young kids and a new dog. We got to bed before ten and were exhausted!

Well, I’m a bit late but Happy New Year!

I do not make resolutions like lose ten pounds by March. I consider the new year a tabula rasa, a blank slate, on which I wish to do this year. I know what I/we have to do, just not yet what I wish to accomplish for our long-term future.

This means something to me. If I can use expertise in my areas to make things click in my husband’s areas of work and our partnership is good, the sky’s the limit.

Yes, I believe in him and wish him to enjoy and excel at work and be great with our family as well. We come from different realms in college education but are similar when it comes to change and ways to effect change. Santa brings him here every year! Happy 2016, Dee







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