Yikes, I’ve only a day to think it through. Last year for the dinner I made a full-fat version of it with layers of pound cake, whipped cream and tons of berries.

Then I made one with angel food cake, nonfat Greek vanilla yogurt and tons of berries. Which to choose?

We’ve two young girls this year so I was thinking of making individual parfaits for them with graham cracker crumbs, vanilla yogurt and berries. If they were here I’d teach them layering but I’ll just make them before we depart to meet our friends.

For the adults I could mix it up and do angel food cake and whipped cream, or the opposite.

Oh, forget it, it’s New Years’ Day and time to renounce all those dietary restrictions!

Snow was melting today and now it’s quite cold. Our neighbor was without heat for two days so we lent him our portable heater.

For the first time in years we have icicles about 4′ long over our balcony. On the glass, there are also some coming up. Stalagtites and stalgmites.

I wanted to finish the trifle today and keep it outside (there’s no room in the frig for a trifle dish). Now I know it will freeze and the glass will break and everything will be ruined.

Dear husband, the physicist says, why don’t you make it, place the vessel in one of our many insulated bags and place it in your car in our underground garage where the temps are near refrigerator temps and not what grows 4′ icicles.

What a great idea. That is the plan. Happy New Year! Dee



One response to “Trifle

  1. Pound cake (purchased) was macerated in tangerine, lemon and lime juice plus 1T Grand Marnier. Whipped cream with sugar, vanilla and 1T Grand Marnier. Blackberries, blueberries and a lot of raspberries. Kids got individual parfait glasses with graham cracker crumbs, low fat vanilla yogurt and said berries. Everyone was happy after our lovely dinner with friends.

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