Friends and Tech

For a few years we’ve been invited to an intimate event with friends who are still neighbors albeit a few blocks away. We enjoy these New Years dinners with the hosts, family and friends.

Last year at another dinner here everyone had their cell phone out on the coffee table, and they laughed at mine, which was seven years old when I turned it in for something very new and swank. That was two weeks ago and I don’t even know how to access it or put in my password or thumb print. But their phones will not laugh at me anymore. Now the phone’s owners can laugh with me on how inept I am right now.

I already know what they want for dessert, trifle, so will change it up a bit and see what German goodies my Dad sent to me and make it a trifle or a bread pudding. We’ll see where my culinary goodness comes in.

Their dog Jake was a dog worth working for ’til the end. I took him out from time to time and his family, even after his death, has embraced me and my husband. I poured water over his favorite tree in the park and said a prayer. My old dog and I pass that tree every day and I think of our times together.

Now they’ve a new pup I’ve yet to meet. We miss the old ones but always look forward to the new pups. Tradition, and life. That’s it, folks. Dee

ps I always place water on that tree for Wurli as well. He was a sweet old dog. D



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